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Management Performance

Business performance report for year 2018:

Regarding revenue and profit in 2018, the consolidated revenue reached more than TWD $506.8 billion, 8.42% growth compared with 2017 (Consolidated revenue of TWD 467.5 billion). Consolidated pre-tax operating profit was more than TWD 8.1 billion, indicating a growth of 13.17% compared with 2017. The after-tax net profit attributable to the parent company's shareholders was more than TWD 6.4 billion, a slight decrease compared with the previous year due to the influence of product portfolio factors; consolidated after-tax earnings per share was TWD 1.81, decreasing from the previous year (2017) when it was TWD 1.88.

Overall, the performance growth of 2018 continues to be attributed to the customer product layout and differentiated operation of the group's manufacturing process. Of those, the revenue of the Company’s main product, the notebook computer which was about TWD 232.0 billion, increased by 14.46% compared with the same period last year due to increasing business demand. The revenue of server products was about TWD 181.0 billion, indicating 10.76% growth compared with the same period last year due to actively developing new customers and new products. With the impact of market demand and extreme production capacity, the operating revenue of smart device products was TWD 85.6 billion, which is generally in line with that of the same period last year. Since the overall industry outlook is still pessimistic with a stagnant market, despite having approximately TWD 8 billion in revenue, the solar energy company of the group is continuously making efforts to adjust its resource allocation strategy in pursuit of future opportunities.