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Talent Training System
Talent is one of ten major beliefs of the company. The features of Inventec’s talent development and management include:

1. Balance in educational training and development:
Inventec provides a diversified training channel and outstanding internal and external teachers for employees to select, based on the concept “joint learning, grow together”

2. Create a learning type organization for continuous innovation and improvement:
Provide an excellent training environment for employees, avoid becoming a mere formality or lose connection with business. Inventec always provides talent cultivation and educational consultation such as professional services and promotes various educational training based on business goals and development strategies oriented by the actual demands of employees.

3.“Human-based”business culture:
In addition to systematically enhancing the relevant management functions and proficiency, Inventec spares no effort to focus on language and IoT ability enhancement to reinforce international competition advantages. The company also continuously reinforces the effects tracing and feedback after training and constantly engages in innovation, improvement and learning exchange.

The Four Major Categories of Our Talent Training System
  • 1.Cultural Development:

    • New employee training
    • Directors meetings
    • Soft lectures
  • 2.Occupational Development:

    • Research/sales/supply chain management training
    • Occupational assessment
    • Technology committee
  • 3.Manager Cultivation:

    • Leader training
    • Basic management training
    • Advance management training
    • Operational management lectures
  • 4.Competitiveness Development:

    • English and Japanese training and test allowance
    • Industrial trend lectures
    • Creativity and patent training
Inventec is devoted to the long-term career development of its employees. The training blueprint is based on business goals and development strategies to enhance the management abilities of managers, train potential talent and systematically develop professional courses according to the actual needs of employees.
To correspond with company transformation, we systematically open continuous courses like creative thinking, market trends, financial statement analysis, team inspiration, troubleshooting and negotiation. Meanwhile, an e-Library and e-Learning system is been created at the same time to build an anytime, anywhere learning environment. Our continuous efforts were honored by the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, with a silver medal of the business version of“TTQS, Talent Quality-management System”
Talent asset value increment, business culture communication, manager cultivation plan, professional career development, inter lecturer training and team consensus coherence are still important goals of talent development and training.